Notary Public Fee Schedule

The Commonwealth permits notaries public to charge
the following fees for these seven official acts:

Executing affidavits                             $5.00

Executing verifications                        $5.00

Executing acknowlegements                $5.00
In executing acknowlegements,
each additional name.                         $2.00

Executing certificates                           $5.00

Admininstering oaths                           $5.00

Taking depositions, per page               $3.00

Making protests, per page                   $3.00

                                   Additional charges such as Clerical Fees are
                                   determined by the local notary.

Title Transfers are available for a $15.00 Notary Fee.
We do not sell or include Pennsylvania plates or Temporary Tags.
You will get a pink slip denoting a title transfer was completed and
requested from PennDot.
You are responsible to pay the applicable fees to PennDOT separately.

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